Friday, October 12, 2007

Detroit, Day 1: ZOE, VIOLETA

Emma is in New York at her grandpa’s funeral, so I take one for the team and drive to Detroit alone.

Zoe (left): 19 , works at the library, writes and does art "as an outlet." Considers herself a feminist.

“I'm a feminist, but I could only define feminism when I went someplace white [hippie summer camp]…people in my neighborhood and in the Latino community never use the word.”

Violeta (left): 21, undergraduate at Wayne State University.
“I don’t feel well-versed in the subject.
I’m going to school at Wayne State, and I know that that’s because women fought for it, but I don’t think the word feminist fits.”

Discussion Questions:
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Glennisha Morgan said...

I think this project is so fucking hot! Violeta told me about if after you interviewed her! I really wish I could have given my 2 cents! Peace and Blessings!

Joan said...

I just read the article and your blog. It all seems very exciting and daunting at the same time. The project does make me wonder about many things including the word "feminist" as key to your interviews. It seems like it immediately adds a level of sophistication that some women you speak to might not have, but who are non-the-less genuine "feminists". There will be so many shades of the word which I imagine you will encounter that it will be interesting to see how you and Nona put it all together at the end...but I know that is what your journey is about. Also I wonder how young men feel about the word, about being feminists themselves and how it affects their lives. Because if a generation of younger men are not feminists at this point, I know that we must have failed in at least part (probably a good part) of our attempt to teach feminism. joan snyder