Monday, December 31, 2007

New York City: ERICA

Erica Jong (above, in her East side home): New Yorker, novelist, poet, media personality, pioneer of the sexual revolution, Second Wave feminist.

On young women, sex, and role models:

"I think young teenagers all need an older woman--maybe not our mother, since we are all rebelling against her at that age--who she trusts, with whom she can sort these things out. I had someone like that to talk to about promiscuity and my feelings about love and sex. Maybe every woman ought to have a mentor. Mentoring is the new feminism. I really believe that the next stage of feminism is going to be older women and younger women working together."


Linda said...


I loved reading Erica Jong's "Fear of Flying" when I was just about your age! I am envious you got to meet with her.

Love the concept of your Road Trip and glad you are blogging about it.

Here is a book I love and just finished reading in case you have time to read during your trip/project. It's title is The Power of Yin: Celebrating Female Consciousness by three famous feminists in their own right -- Hazel Henderson, Jean Houston, and Barbara Marx-Hubbard. Their book inspired me and showed that there are still people who have a great vision for the world and live that vision in their personal and professional lives.

Perhaps you will be able to meet them in your travels, and include them in your book.

Best of luck. Will keep an eye on your blog and here's to great success with this project.


Marilyn said...

I like Erica Jong too. You guys should interview her daughter Molly! She is hilarious and, if I'm not mistaken, just gave birth to twins.

Love this blog by the way!!!

GIRLdrive said...

Yes, we did talk to Molly! She was great.