Monday, April 21, 2008

Our date with Step Up Women's Network

Emma and I spent a few hours yesterday at an event called "Cool Women, Hot Careers," a panel and workshop focused on helping teen girls make their professional dreams reality. It was hosted by Step Up Women's Network, an amazing organization that we have recently hooked up with. Step Up is a non-profit committed to mentoring, educating, and networking with disadvantaged teen girls in Chicago and other cities across the United States. The wonderful thing about it is that it's a true intergenerational exchange--the program pairs the teenagers up with grown women who provide professional guidance, arming the girls with the skills they need. When Emma discovered Step Up on the web, we instantly recognized that its urge to give young women a voice and forge connections between generations fit uncannily with the spirit of GIRLdrive.

We met with a few of the girls during a Dreambooking session (left), where the girls mapped out their goals and portrayed them visually in a collage. We've only caught a glimpse of how the organization works--at this event and at another showcase of the girls' photographs--and already we are so impressed and inspired. These ladies have unbelievable poise, and we can't wait to start working with them. Starting April 30, we are going to be helping out in any way we can with the "I Dream To" program. The girls involved in the program interview, report on, and photograph a professional woman they admire and would like to learn from. Sound familiar? After over 200 GIRLdrive interviews and photos, we are eager to pass down our photojournalism wisdom! Stay tuned.



Kari Skaflen said...

Step Up is great!! I'm so proud and privileged to work with the young women involved in the teen programs. Thanks Nona and Emma for coming out and spending time with Step Up.

Anonymous said...

Step Up's photojournalism project will definitely benefit from the expertise and creativity both of you display! It was wonderful meeting you at the event. I know what you mean about being inspired by Step Up - it really is such an inspiring, engaging and exciting organization to be part of. Looking forward to working with you both,
Alisa Roadcup

Anonymous said...

Step Up Women's Network rocks! I'm a member in Los Angeles.

Check out
It's an online interactive gifthouse with all funds raised funneled directly into the teen programs in LA, NYC, and Chicago. You get to honor your inspiration, as well as pay it forward to the next generation.

Keep up the great work!

women networking said...

What an awesome group! Step Up sounds like they're really helping out and making a difference. It's great to see women networking groups changing life for teenage girls.