Thursday, October 23, 2008

GIRLdrive hits the Dakotas!

This past weekend we headed out to the Dakotas (our first time!), visiting Fargo, Sioux Falls, Lake Andes and more... mostly gazing and gawking at the sweeping farmlands that define the region. It has been exactly a year since we first headed out on the road, and this was sadly our last official trip for book content. Roadtrip addicts that we are, though, I am sure we will be back soon enough. Until then, look forward to snippets in the coming weeks from the singular Dakotas women we had the pleasure of interviewing. Here below, sample some of our candid moments (with girlfriend Antonia) at one with the road.


Natalie said...

Hey--this is Natalie, the intern from the Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center that y'all talked with. As I was cleanin out my desk, I found the URL you left with me. Hope all is well. When's the book coming out??

GIRLdrive said...

Hi Natalie! It's coming out in Fall 2009...I will be in touch with details, considering your photo will be in it!