Thursday, January 3, 2008

New York City: MEHIKO

Mehiko: 23, one of the few non-Hasidic Williamsburg natives, born in Japan, law student at CUNY Law School, feminist.

"I would definitely like to see more girls involved in sports. I just think that athletics is a really important part of growing up, and I think it instills values you can't get anywhere else...Even now, you still get your boy a little football for Christmas and your girl a Barbie doll. I know some parents make a conscious decision not to do that. But I want it to be something that's unconscious...I want girls to want to do sports. It helps with body image later on, too, because you see your body as a tool rather than just an object of desire."

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Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Mehiko about sports helping with body image. When you're an athlete, you enjoy food, being active is a part of life, and you look great without obsessing about it. Sports keep the energy flowing. Of course, when any sport gets serious, there are body issues that come along with it. And certain ones like gymnastics and volleyball are known for eating disorders. BUT at the recreational level, sports bring so many young girls joy and stability. It should be a part of life for all kids, not just little boys.