Sunday, October 28, 2007

Los Angeles Ladies: WOMEN AND THE "BIZ"

If you never go to Los Angeles, you may hold onto the stereotype that LA is in its own sunny, flaky, movie bubble. If you do pay a visit, it’ll occur to you that this sprawling metropolis largely dictates the fate of mainstream culture—and in turn, the fate of young women, their representation, and their self-esteem.

In the first couple days in LA, we met with three young women: a documentary film-maker, an actress, and a screenwriter, all very aware of how their gender affects their career and desires in the movie city.

Julia B.: 24 (on Venice Beach, left), documentary film-maker, lives in Venice, the daughter of film producer Laura Ziskin.
"The job of director is a position of control that women are almost
afraid to want. In the film industry, men challenge and question women’s authority at every turn."

Anna: 22 (in West Hollywood, right), actress originally from the suburbs of Chicago.

"The less talent you have, the more pressure you have to look good. For women actresses, confidence is the #1 obstacle.”

Julia G.: 24 (left and below), screenwriter, feminist, Orthodox Jew.

“Mean Girls, brought up a lot of important issues, but it basically said, ‘Whether you’re Janice or Regina, you’re a bitch.’ My friends are just as entertaining and engaging as guys we see on film. We curse a lot, we tell dirty jokes too, but that’s never represented on film. My friend and I are writing a screenplay with women who are neither threatening nor boring.”

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