Friday, October 19, 2007

Seattle, Day 1: CARLA

Carla DeSantis: founder and editor of ROCKRGRL magazine, women-in-rock advocate, longtime feminist, on a first-name basis with many of Emma's Riot Grrrl idols.

Whether the country is ready to embrace a rebellious, punky, feminist musician:

“I am skeptical. Britney doesn’t even write her own music. That’s not a role model, that’s Barbie...But there’s always something new—and I hope that women will have a place in rock that’s not just in a sexy picture licking the neck of a guitar.”

Discussion questions:
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Anonymous said...

One more small comment if you don't mind regarding Julianna Hatfield and L7. While I am pretty sure L7 would identify themselves as feminists - they founded Rock for Choice - they had a problem with the "women in rock" frenzy that was happening at the time which is why they were not thrilled about being interviewed for a magazine about "women in rock" no matter how well-intentioned.