Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update: Galleys headed my way!

Yay! My deadline has officially passed and the first galleys of Girldrive are en route to my house. AND so is the second half of my advance, which means I will be abandoning blogspot for a dot-com very shortly. Look out for a new Girldrive website in the next couple months!



Kato said...


SLV said...

Yayyyyyy. How do they look? Not to girls-guide-to-the-roadtrip, I hope

Tax Ninja Assistant said...

Congratulations on being nearly done! I've followed this project from the beginning, and though I am really sad about Emma's passing, know that she is still a part of your heart and soul, and that her beautiful work stands as a testament to her time and her accomplishments here on Earth.

For the second time in 10 years, a close friend of mine has chosen to take their own life, and even though I wasn't close to Emma, I can sense your community's loss from here.

I wish you the best on Girldrive and in all your future projects. You're doing good work. Please keep it up!