Sunday, October 28, 2007

Los Angeles: LILI

Lili: 21 (on her Bel Air terrace, right), Jewish-Persian, graduated from UCLA, raised in a very conservative, traditional household.

“[In my culture], you don’t date someone unless you intend to marry them. And my parents want me to get married as soon as possible. They always encouraged me to have a career, but marriage was always the priority. Sometimes I think they want me to have a good job so that I’m more marketable to men.”

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Karen. said...

These are fantastic pictures. My friend told me about your blog, and it looks like you are doing great work! Personally, I think religion and culture are so steeped in prescribed gender roles that it will always be the number one obstacle to feminism. but it is a step in the right direction to incorporate traditions in your life while still giving equal rules to your daughters and sons, like lili did.

I will continue to read you guys, good luck on your trip! -karen