Friday, November 2, 2007

Tuscon, Day 1: JOANNA

Joanna Frueh : late fifties, art historian, erotic performance artist, feminist.

On youth and sexuality:
“When I see women who look like you, I identify with you. I identify with the girliness, sexuality, the shapes and shapeliness, natural-ness, your individuality and femininity.
..Many older women just stop talking about sex, mainly because they stop having it altogether. So many women resign to being unsexual as they get older. That seems like giving up to me."

Discussion Questions:
Question 1


Jenni Gradsto said...

Oh my god I LOVE Joanna Frueh! She has the right idea about aging. Sexiness equals confidence about 99 percent of the time, and THAT is what older women need to learn. Cool spotlight pic! :)

Anonymous said...

dope photo.

Caroline Tully said...

I love Joanna Frueh as well! Her writings are just the sort of thing that turn the contents of my head right around and cause them to morph into something new and useful. I love her take on women, beauty and sexuality. Fascinating stuff. I know it sounds possibly trite, but I find her writings therapeutic.

Caroline Tully said...

Actually... perhaps 'therapeutic' isn't quite the word I'm looking for - although I do find her writing to be healing.

Although almost a cliche through overuse, maybe a better word is *empowering* because I actually feel empowered - powerful - after reading, looking at and/or listening to Joanna Frueh.