Monday, November 5, 2007


Madeline and Liz are roommates, from Omaha and Dayton, Ohio respectively. Both are feminists and activists. They both work for Food Not Bombs, Liz assists an environmental lawyer and has volunteered helping domestic abuse and rape victims, and Madeline works at an LGBT youth center and is an organizer of upcoming Tucson Trans Awareness week.

Liz (left) is from a progressive family, and was raised Unitarian. “I saw gay couples at church, so was aware from a young age of alternative lifestyles.” She first experienced sexism in the activist groups and hardcore punk circles of Ohio. “I knew there was something wrong with all these boys ruling the mosh pit and the political arguments. I knew this “something” needed a name, and that was feminism.” She continues “it must be invisible to people, but woman still have a lot to struggle with…we think we have choice, there is a lot people don’t want to admit.” Madeline (below) learned about feminism and became connected to the vocabulary early in high school, around the time she came out as a lesbian. Reading a lot of the history and theory gave her confidence in her opinions, which helped especially when she attended conservative University of Arkansas.

Madeline thinks people are afraid of organizing around a definable cause, but Liz notes “The way you live your life is just as important as being an activist.” She does think there are “hints” on the horizon of a new movement, and gives a big smile. “It’d be fucking rad if there was one.”


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