Friday, October 19, 2007

Seattle, Day 1: GINA AND BANJI

Gina (left): twentysomething musician, one-half of Team Gina (a queer hip hop duo), originally from DC, old friend of Emma's from her Riot Grrrl days, feminist.

"Seattle is so nice and calm. You don't get bothered and cat-called on the street like you do in New York. That's what made me a feminist in the first place—getting angry that this happened to me every day...the gay scene in Seattle is tamer too...the girls are cute, non-aggressive, fashion-y."

Banji (right and below): one of Gina's friends, Seattle native.

"I consider myself a pyramidist, not a feminist. Feminism is thinking too small, that we should start at the top of the problem rather than being concerned with an isolated part of civilization. I'm not a feminist, I'm a person."

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Anonymous said...

It's true--they call it the "Seattle freeze" where people are so happy and liberal that they don't feel the need to rally. I think this is detrimental to feminism because it makes everyone think things are okay. It's especially true with gay girls. Most gay women I know are not trying to be political. They don't want to mention that they're gay unless anyone asks them. I think that if you don't put your identity up front, problems will never get confronted.

lady3jane said...

I'm a feminist in Seattle, and I know quite a few others.

How long are you in Seattle? I would love to meet you guys! email my username at gmail if you'll be here another day or two, perhaps we could meet up.

Anonymous said...

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GIRLdrive said...

to lady3jane:

sorry we missed you! take a look at our schedule (under our pictures on the blog) and let us know of amazing ladies to meet with in the cities we have yet to visit!