Thursday, October 25, 2007

Berkeley: JERLINA

Jerlina: 25, student at Berkeley getting her PhD in African Diaspora, Buddhist, part of a radical ecofeminist group. She connects ecofeminism (a movement that unites environmentalism and feminism) to Buddhism, a religion she was raised with and which helps her see the world as interconnected. She was raised with the Buddhist idea of practicing non-violence and a respect for life, which in turn translates into a respect for “the environment, for the water, for women, for everything.” She acknowledges that there aren’t many women of color in the local version of ecofeminism, but that some of the most famous ecofeminists in the world are from Asian and African countries, like Vandana Shiva, from India.

Discussion Questions:
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LISA said...

Yea Berkeley!

Khati said...

Buddhism has a lot to do with my feminism too! I think what you girls are doing is awesome. I learned about you on Feministing and have been following you for a little while. You have managed to get many different perspectives, but up until now hadn't made the connection between east and west. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

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