Thursday, October 25, 2007

San Francisco, Day 3: REBECCA AND JANE

Jane (left): founded and runs a porn production agency for men with fetishes called pantymistress, mother of Rebecca, 24.

Rebecca (right): 24, works for a global management consulting firm, wrote her undergrad senior thesis on the feminist economic potential of porn (her blog linked here).

Jane on fantasies:

“I once dated a lingerie fetishist. I thought it was very creative, but the guy felt so much shame and guilt around the whole thing. I figured other guys must feel that way, so I started creating audio fantasies for them. My contribution is to de-shame fantasies because fantasies pick us, we don't pick them."

Rebecca on women in the sex industry:

“The porn industry exists to make money, period. They don’t think about feminism. But the industry has a potentially positive space for women stars and CEOs. I compare Jenna Jameson to Oprah and Martha Stewart all the time. She’s created an empire, and now she doesn’t even have to be in movies.”

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Catherine said...

These women are AWESOME!! I hate how people equate feminism with anti-porn, because porn can be very sex-positive. REbecca seems very well-adjusted. It's just a matter of how well and sensitively everything is done.

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Catherine. I *am* well-adjusted :)

It never ceases to surprise me that I need to qualify my feminism with "but I'm pro-porn." Whenever I speak to anyone about my research studying the business of porn from a feminist viewpoint, they assume I take the anti-porn position.

My hope is that the next generation of feminists (our generation) changes that assumption--because porn is here to stay, and I hope to help feminists make peace with it.