Friday, October 26, 2007

Berkeley: MOLLY

Molly, 28, is studying documentary filmmaking in the graduate program at Berkeley School of Journalism. A few years back, she attempted to make a film on what feminism means these days, but became discouraged. “I wanted to talk to women active in their communities, but hit a dead end…I just got lost in the meaning of it. It wasn’t just the concept…it just started to feeling very broad and very narrow at the same time.” I nod my head, knowing all too well what she means. However, Molly (right, in her backyard) plans on pursuing related film projects in the future: "Perhaps I will make a film about female politicians or films whose subject is about women but I do not plan on attempting to make a film about the meaning of feminism today."

Where does she see feminism going for our generation? “Overall people don’t want to take a political stance, they want to stand on neutral ground. The hype of the ‘70s made people want to backlash and be ‘contemporary,’ although even that lacks meaning these days. We are in an era of identity crisis. We are a self-centered generation. I don’t see feminism going anywhere anytime soon.” Still, Molly has hope. She sees women changing the world without being tied to label of feminism. Do we need a new word? Maybe, she says, but she would still call herself a feminist.


FYI: Molly is the daughter of famed second wave artist Joan Snyder, whom we are interviewing in NYC. Her thoughts on being brought up feminist baby will come later…

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HK said...

What do you mean too narrow and too broad at the same time???