Thursday, October 25, 2007

San Francisco, Day 3: STARHAWK

Starhawk: feminist, global justice activist and trainer, permaculture designer and teacher, Pagan and Witch.

On becoming Wiccan:

"I began to see the connection between goddess-centered religions and an inherent feminine power, an ethos that society has lost through the dominance of patriarchal religions. The rhetoric and violence of war is directly linked to the phallocentric nature of religion. Religion shapes our cultural consciousness. If god equals male, male is going to equal god. There is an entire history of woman in spirituality that has been suppressed and hidden.”


whatsername said...

Wow, I am so jealous! Starhawk!

Seriously though, if you're interested, you should check out paganism and witchcraft, there's a lot there, and it's incredibly interesting.

GIRLdrive said...

Emma's down! It was refreshing to get past the fairy-tale/"The Craft" stereotypes!

Anonymous said...

Starhawk? Neat! I started reading her stuff in middle school. It was very good for my young impressionable mind. I might have to re-read her books soon.