Sunday, October 21, 2007


Sprina: 22, raised in northeast Portland, works at the front desk at the Hilton, planning to open a jewelry boutique soon.

"I first learned about feminism in school, [but] I never really got a good sense of it. My first impression was that it was an angry white woman thing. After that, the only feminist women of color I met were lesbian, gay or bisexual. So I thought, ‘I’m for women, but I just don’t fit in.’ I think now that you ask me, I consider myself a feminist, but I have created my own definition within it...I thinks it’s possible for women of all colors to work together. Race separates people less than it did back then.”

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mia said...

i feel that way as a mexican woman, too--most of the men in my community are NOT interested in talking to an educated, outspoken woman. i think it's because in the immigrant (and black) community, an education is equated with making a lot of money, not expanding your mind (the American Dream idea). the next step is to want knowledge for knowledge's sake.

Landry R. said...

so cool that sprina is opening a jewelry store! we need more women entrepeneurs.